Glimpses of 5ifty

Mod & Layered

May 12, 2015 Kate Mildren

 Looks, loves and must haves from 5ifty The very compliant Calico (no legs or arms to argue with) is wearing another of Kate's favourite outfits - of which there are many! Essaye Cotton French Top $65 and Wool Blend Mod Skirt $95 over Saints & Lovers Pure Wool Scoop Knit $99 and Captain Robbo's Cotton Adventure Pants $90 all topped with Zeta, the softest scarf (and the only import) made in Italy $35. What a great look!  

Youth revisited

April 24, 2015 Kate Mildren

I recently spent a great evening out with friends under the guise of a High School Reunion. I must say, I love reunions. Picking up with people where you left off, sometimes many decades later, summarising your life, makes you appreciate what you've achieved and occasionally what you've managed to avoid. As I looked around at all the beautiful faces, I realised how connected we are by our youth. Whether we were happy or not with ourselves or the world in our teens, we share our experience of life in an era of mullets, perms, platform shoes and satin baggies. We thought we...

Vested interest

March 13, 2015 Kate Mildren

Gotta love a vest... That extra layer of warmth across your shoulders and back without the twisting tangle of sleeve over sleeve. A scarf might offer the same warm layer but it's nowhere near as easy to deal with as a vest that embraces you. You can work - get things done in a vest. A vest will moderate your temperature, transcend seasons, add texture, impart style, enhance colour combinations and unite the top of your outfit with the bottom - even if they weren't exactly made for each other. A useful addition to the wardrobe for sure! Bestowed have created a very easy-to-wear version of...

Autumn is here

March 06, 2015 Kate Mildren

Wherever you are, whatever you call it...autumn, fall, harvest...the change of seasons is very welcome. I know I love having light cotton kaftans at one end of my wardrobe, chunky woollen knits at the other and a myriad of options between. However, like many other women, when summer's warmth has been nudged aside by autumn's chill, I wonder what on Earth did I wear last year??? It feels like summer has only just kicked in, yet autumn is here...autumn clothing, that is. You'll notice the darker, earthier colours, 3/4 sleeves, heavier fabrics and even more layering options. Autumn clothes are trans-seasonal...

Woohoo!!! I think I'm online

February 20, 2015 Kate Mildren

Setting up a shop takes a lot of thinking. Setting up an online shop is no different. As a designer, making use of templates is a double-edged sword. Difficulty is decreased, enabling me to create something beyond my understanding, yet frustration is increased when I can't alter an element no matter how much I swear at the ------- computer! So I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labour as you browse the lovelies on offer. I'm going to soothe my soul with a cup of Black Adder. Counting down to launch 3, 2, 1, 5ifty is go!