Autumn is here

March 06, 2015 Kate Mildren

Wherever you are, whatever you call it...autumn, fall, harvest...the change of seasons is very welcome.

I know I love having light cotton kaftans at one end of my wardrobe, chunky woollen knits at the other and a myriad of options between. However, like many other women, when summer's warmth has been nudged aside by autumn's chill, I wonder what on Earth did I wear last year???

It feels like summer has only just kicked in, yet autumn is here...autumn clothing, that is. You'll notice the darker, earthier colours, 3/4 sleeves, heavier fabrics and even more layering options. Autumn clothes are trans-seasonal and are often ideal for travel when you need clothing that offers flexibility in a range of temperatures. So if you're lucky enough to be planning a trip, now is a good time to sort your wardrobe.

Buying early in the season ensures you'll get plenty of wear from your purchases, it also means you get the pick of the crop. Remember my lovelies, it's the early bird that gets the worm.

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