Vested interest

March 13, 2015 Kate Mildren

Gotta love a vest...

That extra layer of warmth across your shoulders and back without the twisting tangle of sleeve over sleeve. A scarf might offer the same warm layer but it's nowhere near as easy to deal with as a vest that embraces you. You can work - get things done in a vest. A vest will moderate your temperature, transcend seasons, add texture, impart style, enhance colour combinations and unite the top of your outfit with the bottom - even if they weren't exactly made for each other. A useful addition to the wardrobe for sure!

Bestowed have created a very easy-to-wear version of the vest. It's perfect for changeable autumn weather over one of their light, cotton knit tops. Stylishly asymmetrical in design, made in Australia from organic cotton and available in Indigo and Olive (my favourite colour), it's guaranteed to make an outfit.

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