Autumn Beginnings

March 02, 2017 Kate Mildren


Out with Summer, in with Autumn - but let's be practical.

Transeasonal pieces like Coppice Tunic in organic cotton by Pure Pod will take you right through the year. Sleeveless styles are great for wearing solo through Summer, then layer them up when the chill sets in.
Swivel Top by Bestowed made from the softest, lightest organic cotton is a delight on your skin. Keeps you warm without overheating.
Silky Oak cotton Adventure Pants by Captain Robbo add warmth, colour and a dash of humour to any outfit.

Handbags don't have to be a perfect match with every outfit. That would be ridiculous. Leather Cargo make robust, brightly coloured leather bags for every day use. Select a colour from your palette then you'll find coordinating options jumping from your wardrobe before you know it! Or you could find a matching scarf so the two always have their thing goin' on!

Shoes too should be multi use - the black and pewter combo here make them easy to coordinate. Black is a no-brainer, we all have black of some variety, lurking in our wardrobes. The pewter panel lightens and adds pizzaz to a great, everyday shoe. Thanks to Adele's Shoe Gallery for the lend.

There you have it...useful elements combine to create a practical outfit that will take you anywhere in comfort and style far longer than just one season.










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  • Julie

    Mar 03, 2017

    Very impressed with your 1st Blog post

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